21 Week Update

When I first started writing this blog, I planned to update it every few weeks as I met significant milestones. However, I’m realizing now that by focusing only on infrequent, major advances, I end up overlooking all the minor improvements I achieve in between. This makes it very hard to properly gauge my progress week by week and causes me to question whether or not I'm improving at all. To remedy this, I’ve decided to post a short update at the end of each week.


A few weeks ago I was given permission to try some light jogging. I started out jogging two or three times a week at the super speedy rate of 4.5 mph. It was extremely stiff at first and looked more like shuffling than actual exercise, but I was happy just to be making the effort. And it did get a little easier after the first few attempts.

This week I decided to increase both my distance and speed. Only after I went jogging and ran bleachers three days in a row did I realize I had made a mistake. Because I don’t have the strength to really control my landing, my left foot takes a good beating when I jog, skip, or jump. By Tuesday night, the back of my heel was throbbing and the ball of my foot ached. I decided to take the rest of the week off from both jogging and my therapy exercises. I think this is just an overuse injury that will heel on its own after a few days rest, but I’m still pretty sore today. I've definitely learned my lesson and will remember to include rest days until my leg gets a bit stronger.

My last therapy session (at least for a little while) was at the end of March. Knowing that my recovery will be very gradual, my therapist instructed me to continue therapy on my own for a few months. She told me to touch base with her again sometime in May.

On a different note, I recently added a new feature to my blog! To view an up-to-date timeline of my recovery, click the button on the right or (if you are using a mobile device) scroll down to the bottom of the page.