8 Months / First Therapy Follow-Up

Last Thursday I went back to therapy for the first time since spring. I’ve been concerned that I’m not on track to achieve a single-leg heel raise by mid-August and wanted a professional opinion. As part of her evaluation, my therapist measured my right and left heel raises and noted that my good side lifts 15 centimeters off the ground. On my left side, however, my heel raise only measures 7.5. While I am hoping to increase this height over the next few weeks, I don’t know if I’ll be able to gain another 7.5 centimeters by the 9-month deadline.

My therapist did notice some growth in my calf muscle, which has expanded from the size of a raisin to a slightly larger raisin. However, she also said my left calf will probably never look as developed as my right.

Last Sunday I had a bit of a scare during my morning jog. I was just starting my second mile when my right foot caught the edge of an uneven sidewalk. I caught myself on my left foot, avoiding a fall, but managed to hurt my Achilles in the process. I felt a sharp pain and immediately sat down to assess the damage. After a few plantar and dorsiflexion movements I got up and made my way home to ice and elevate. It looked a little bruised and swollen the following few days and was painful to walk on, but these issues have improved over the course of the week. I took a week to rest until my pain level returned to normal and was able to go for a short jog yesterday morning for the first time since. Back to the grind!

My next doctor appointment is July 23, so you’ll hear from me again very soon!