Weird Feet

I hadn’t really noticed this before, but there is a small lump on the back of my heel where the cadaver bone block connects to my native heel bone.


My doctor performed a very thorough examination of my tendon at my last appointment. This was due to a concern of mine (and my therapist's) that a small section of my new Achilles tendon felt a bit concave. My doctor pressed on the area and was initially concerned himself, but in the end determined that the indentation was merely a result of scar tissue. After a major surgery like this, new bumps and dimples are to be expected.

So my leg may be a little lumpy and scarred, but it seems to be performing much better as of this past week! I was able to jog 2.5-3 miles three days this week without severe heel or Achilles pain. I wouldn't say I'm pain-free just yet, but I'm definitely feeling better! I am still embarrassingly slow so I won’t mention how long these jogs actually lasted, but I was happy just to get back out there on the road after a much-needed two weeks off.

Scar at 5.5 months post-op

Scar at 5.5 months post-op