Somewhere Between 6-7 Months

I have yet to make good on my resolution to update this blog once a week. Almost three weeks ago I lost my pet, Katmandu, who was my best friend for almost 16 years. His passing combined with my recent start at a dissatisfying job and the painfully slow pace of this entire recovery has left me extremely uninspired. However, in the past few weeks I’ve noticed a few small changes in my development that I feel are significant enough to document.


The first change relates to the still-unattainable single-leg heel raise. A few months ago I described my attempts at this exercise as “barely hiccuping off the ground,” but now I am able to raise up slightly and hold the position. This small movement still requires an excessive amount of effort (my calf feels like it’s about to explode after about five seconds), but it is a small achievement. I’ve been practicing this movement at my new job, which requires a horrific amount of standing idly in one place, so hopefully improvement in this area will continue more steadily.

Also, last week I noticed some improvement in my toe-walking. While before my heel would dip down significantly during my stride, I can now walk on my toes without much heel drop. However, the height of my heel is only about half of what it should be. This development is still pretty inconsistent, but because I also practice toe-walking during my shifts at work, I’m sure I’ll continue to see growth here as well. In the meantime, my coworkers can continue to speculate why the new girl keeps pacing with such concentration...

Though my therapist asked me to check in with her sometime in May, I’ve decided to hold off on any reevaluations for at least a few more weeks. I’m still unable to competently perform many of the exercises she gave me initially, so I feel that a visit at this point is unnecessary.

Having heard from a few readers who are at different stages of similar recoveries, I know there is a need for recovery-related content like this site. I want to make sure this blog is as thorough as possible, but I haven’t been doing a good job of that lately. I will try to update this blog more frequently, but also feel free to comment on this blog with any questions. Obviously, I can’t offer any medical advice, but I’m happy to share my own experiences!